Portable Scooters Portable Scooters You Can Try These 5 Ways To Maintain Your Electric Scooter

You Can Try These 5 Ways To Maintain Your Electric Scooter

The use of electric scooter is now claimed to have been very popular. In fact, it is more environmentally friendly compared to motorbikes. It’s just that, the scooter’s speed can’t be as fast as motorbikes, but it has been very helpful in a variety of needs. The way to take care of the scooter must be done properly. How to take care of electric portable scooters properly? You may find the answer in the following article.

There are so many things that need to be done in maintaining electric scooters so it can be comfortable to use. Here are 5 tips to maintain electric scooters:

1. Make sure the Battery is Charged

Not many people realize that the battery of a scooter must still have power. Why is that? It’s because if it’s empty for too long, it can cause damage to the battery and it might cause the battery to cease from functioning.

The good condition of the battery is that it has a power of approximately 50% of its capacity. If it is lower than that, it is strongly recommended for the owner to charge the scooter immediately. You must never let it gets empty.

2. Check the Brakes

It’s important for you to always pay attention to the brake parts. It’s because brakes that are not functioning properly can actually reduce the performance of the scooter. In fact, it can be a waste of your battery power.

When is the best time to check the brakes? You can do it once a month. In fact, it is strongly recommended to be able to make changes to a maximum of 3 months. It’s because the comfort and safety of driving are important.

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  • Portable scooters are usually much cheaper than alternatives – from taxis and buses (over time) to electric wheelchairs
  • Simple to operate and can be driven without a driving licence
  • They can be fitted into the boots of cars, sometimes with the aid of car hoists
  • Less physically demanding than wheelchairs



  • Mobility scooters, unlike their wheelchair counterparts are not often available on the NHS, so while they are cheaper than electric wheelchairs, for some they can end up costing more
  • usually need charging on a daily basis, especially if using the scooter each day and across undulating terrain.

3. Don’t charge the scooter’s battery excessively

You need to remember that the battery charged must be in accordance with the provisions. It’s because excessive charging can damage the performance of the battery. In fact, it can cause the battery to become totally dead. Moreover, the price of electric scooter batteries is quite expensive.

For a maximum charge, it’s approximately 4 hours, assuming it’s a 36V battery. If you have higher or lower capacity batteries than this number, it can be adjusted. Make sure that the battery is always in good condition.

4. Avoid Ramps

Electric scooters are very different from motorbikes. For this reason, it is very important to avoid climbs. What if you want to climb? The best solution is to temporarily push the scooter.

5. Clean it periodically

After using it regularly, it is a good idea to do the cleaning. Cleaning is useful in removing impurities or oil that can be attached to the scooter.

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