Portable Scooters Portable Scooters You Can Do These 5 Easy Tips To Maintain Your Piaggio Auto Scooter

You Can Do These 5 Easy Tips To Maintain Your Piaggio Auto Scooter

The way to take care of Piaggio auto scooters is quite simple, you only need to apply a few standard maintenance steps on a regular basis. If you want to be sure, do not be lazy to check the condition of your scooter and do not wait until problems begin to appear first. Modern portable scooters from Piaggio are now using more sophisticated technology. Official workshops are also available at several cities.

For those who don’t understand the engine can also take care of their favorite Piaggio scooters, as long as they follow the following 5 simple tips:

1. Use high octane fuel

High octane fuel is highly recommended to maintain the condition of your Piaggio scooter to stay fit. It’s because the fuel with low octane will make the combustion process to be less than optimal. Choose fuel with RON 90 and above.

2. Change engine oil regularly

Each scooter’s oil must be changed after reaching a certain kilometer, especially if your scooter is ridden to campus or to the office every day. You must make a schedule to change the engine oil regularly, and it’s clearly can’t be missed.

It’s because modern Piaggio scooters already use high-tech engines, the oil replacement life is slightly longer than most motorcycles. You can change its engine oil every 7500 KM. If you want the schedule to be faster is not a problem (it’s actually even better), but it is depending on your needs.

If the scooter is rarely used, at least replace its oil once every 2 months to maintain engine durability.

3. Check CVT every 8000 KM

It is highly recommended to check the condition of the CVT when it has touched 8000 KM. Actually the number 8000 KM does not always have to be used as a benchmark, because it can be faster depending on your driving style.

Checking CVT according to schedule is very important to minimize the symptoms of slippage and loss of power. If there are parts whose conditions are not good enough, it’s better to replace them immediately and don’t delay.

+ In all-wheel drive mode
+ Powerful Configuration: Two independent 1000W motors control to the front and rear wheels
+ SStable Braking Systemns:Front & rear disc brake system steady stop during emergency braking
+ Detachable seats give you a different riding experience

+ 38 kilometers long battery life is the driving force of all the way forward
+ Fast folding and towing
+ The power display is clear at a glance
+ Left-handed one-handed brakes


Compare Pros & Cons Portable Scooters



  • Portable scooters are usually much cheaper than alternatives – from taxis and buses (over time) to electric wheelchairs
  • Simple to operate and can be driven without a driving licence
  • They can be fitted into the boots of cars, sometimes with the aid of car hoists
  • Less physically demanding than wheelchairs



  • Mobility scooters, unlike their wheelchair counterparts are not often available on the NHS, so while they are cheaper than electric wheelchairs, for some they can end up costing more
  • usually need charging on a daily basis, especially if using the scooter each day and across undulating terrain.

4. Beware of damaged roads

For those of you who like to drive a scooter at high speed, beware of damaged roads, especially if there’s a deep hole. Adjust the speed so that the shock on your Piaggio scooter is not too hard.

You should know, crossing a hole at high speed has the potential to break the injector.

5. Rinse the scooter after it has been exposed to rain

Be diligent in washing your favorite Piaggio scooters so that dirt does not settle, especially in the rainy season. If it’s left unchecked, dirt or dust can cause rust that makes the scooter look less cool.

First and foremost, you should immediately clean the dirt that has accumulated under the scooter, which is close to vital components, so it doesn’t porous quickly.

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