Portable Scooters Portable Scooters This Is How To Ride Your Automatic Scooter When The Road Is Flooded

This Is How To Ride Your Automatic Scooter When The Road Is Flooded

When flooding, it is difficult for riders to pass the road safely and smoothly as usual, especially for those of you who use automatic portable scooters because they have engine characteristics that are different from motorcycles.

Here are some tips for dealing with floods when riding with your favorite automatic scooter:

The first tip you can do is look at or pay attention to the puddles. the higher the pool of water, of course, the more dangerous and can cause the auto scooter that you use to break down. See also other scooter riders who are taller when passing through a puddle and measure it with the scooter you are using. Each type of scooter has a different height limit.

Then keep your scooter at a safe distance from other vehicles, and maintain a safe speed. When riding an auto scooter during rains and floods, you must try to adjust the distance and speed. Not only can it cause waves, but it could also be that if you get too close to a bigger car or vehicle the water will move and create waves. Despite the shallow puddle, the presence of these waves creates pressure and makes the water sweep over the body of the scooter you are using. It could be that the water enters the machine without you realizing it.

+ Endurance mileage
+ Brushless motor
+ 10 inch rubber wheel
+ Constant-speed cruise
+ All-aluminum alloy frame

+ Powerful 350 Watt Motor
+ Long-range Battery
+ 8.5" Non-Pneumatic Tires
+ Double Braking System
+ Portable Folding Design

+ 8.5 Inch Explosion Proof Tire
+ Double Braking System
+ Long Range Battery
+ LCD Display
+ Portable Folding Design

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  • Portable scooters are usually much cheaper than alternatives – from taxis and buses (over time) to electric wheelchairs
  • Simple to operate and can be driven without a driving licence
  • They can be fitted into the boots of cars, sometimes with the aid of car hoists
  • Less physically demanding than wheelchairs



  • Mobility scooters, unlike their wheelchair counterparts are not often available on the NHS, so while they are cheaper than electric wheelchairs, for some they can end up costing more
  • usually need charging on a daily basis, especially if using the scooter each day and across undulating terrain.

The next thing you should pay attention to is controlling the engine speed, and it takes special techniques for users of auto scooters to be able to go well in flooded areas. If the auto scooter dies when you hit a flood it will be difficult to start the scooter engine again at the same time and place. This engine rotation control can help prevent auto scooters from dying. On the other hand, you must not pull the gas handle too deeply as well.

The last way that may be simple, but mostly done by auto scooter users is to cover the spark plug wires with plastic. This ensures that the spark plug wires will not come loose. However, not all scooters can be covered with spark plug wires if they are forced to slowly hit a flooded road and try to use a path with a pool that is lower than the other lane and does not hit the spark plug socket.

That’s it for the info that we can share with you this time. Although this article is quite short, we hope it helps you to know how to ride your portable scooter safely through a flooded road.

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