Portable Scooters Portable Scooters There Are 3 Benefits Of Ford OjO Scooter

There Are 3 Benefits Of Ford OjO Scooter

If normally a scooter is identical to a child’s toy, now there is an electric scooter from Ford specifically for adults. Ford OjO Scooter is an electric scooter with a fun appearance and equipped with advanced features to help your mobility. This vehicle is easy to operate by anyone. In fact, it could be an okay alternative to driving in the city. In addition, those who ride these portable scooters can be more eco-friendly and save fuel!

Let’s check 3 reasons why you must have a Ford OjO Scooter!

1. Unique and attractive appearance

At first glance, the shape of the Ford OjO Scooter reminds us of Vespa motorcycles. However, this electric scooter comes with dimensions that are much slimmer with smaller wheels for easy maneuvering. With a fun and unique appearance, the comfort factor also remains the first priority. You can control OjO Scooter while sitting or standing. Seat pads can be adjusted to your riding comfort as well.

2. Lively, powerful, and save fuel!

The Ford OjO Scooter can’t go as fast as a motorbike, but this scooter can go uphill with a speed of 20Mph and a maximum speed of 32km / hour. With nimble acceleration and tires to suit all weather, you can also rely on it for short-distance travel to the medium. This scooter is best suited to accompany you in urban areas or complex areas because its sleek body allows you to turn swiftly in traffic.

It’s fun with Ford OjO Scooter and you no longer need to spend money to buy fuel. Just do the battery charging with the charger on board before you use. If you want to fully charge it, the charging time is 6-8 hours. So when it’s full, you can use it around the city to a distance of 40 kilometers! It can be convenient for those who want to go to their office, campus, or simply want to buy something at the convenience store?

3. It’s equipped with sophisticated features

Unlike ordinary scooters, Ford OjO Scooter is already equipped with various advanced features. There are available digital speedometer display and touch screen display for setting up the scooter. In addition, there is also a wireless lock system so you can easily find the scooter in the parking lot.

+ This is the best surprise for your friends or family, bringing them a lot of fun and cool time.

+ Power stable and durable 16km battery life
+ Adapt to a variety of complex terrain
+ High performance and strong power
+ Easy to fold and carry design, lightweight and portable

+ 8.5 inch Durable Honeycomb Tire
+ Powerful 350 Watt Motor
+ Portable Folding Design: 25lb lightweight for Max

Compare Pros & Cons Portable Scooters



  • Portable scooters are usually much cheaper than alternatives – from taxis and buses (over time) to electric wheelchairs
  • Simple to operate and can be driven without a driving licence
  • They can be fitted into the boots of cars, sometimes with the aid of car hoists
  • Less physically demanding than wheelchairs



  • Mobility scooters, unlike their wheelchair counterparts are not often available on the NHS, so while they are cheaper than electric wheelchairs, for some they can end up costing more
  • usually need charging on a daily basis, especially if using the scooter each day and across undulating terrain.

If you don’t want to feel bored when you ride it, you can also connect its Bluetooth to play your mood booster songs through the speaker. If that’s not enough for you, all the elements of this electric scooter are also waterproof, so you don’t need to worry anymore if it rains.

Apparently, the scooter revolution is now very sophisticated. The Ford OjO Scooter is just right to accompany you to move around without fear of being blocked by traffic jams or being wasteful of gasoline. With super-advanced features, now your trip feels even more fun!

That’s it for the information that we may share with you regarding the Ford OjO scooter. Although this article is pretty short, we hope it helps you to know more about a unique type of scooter, and it might be the one which is suitable for you. Additionally, although scooters are not as fast as other vehicles, don’t forget to ride it safely, so you won’t have an accident in the future.

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