Portable Scooters Portable Scooters How much money could an electric scooter save?

How much money could an electric scooter save?

How much cheaper is an electronic scooter than a car?

The new form of alternative transportation, e-scooters, are gaining extreme popularity these days. They are quite helpful in saving a good amount of money. Besides, they are eco-friendly. A lot of new brands of electronic scooters are coming up. They are offering great features like good acceleration uphill and covering a long distance. Apart from that, they also come with a lot of new accessories. You might think that the only reason to buy a scooter is to save money compared to buying a car. However, apart from saving a lot of bucks, they have hundreds of attributes that make this unique mode of transport worth using. In this article, we’ll show you the benefits of an e-scooter and how much you can save when you use one. Let’s check out the answer now!!


Electric scooters have an equivalent combined consumption. These are designed according to EPA approval, of only 1.68 l / 100 km (119 mpge). By comparison, gasoline (Petrol or Diesel) use significantly more energy around 17.4 kWh / 100 km). This proves that Electronic Scooters are also significantly better for the environment. With the current costs of gasoline and electricity in the United States, and with the usual mileage of an American worker, in five years you can save about $ 9,000 with respect to a medium new car.

In other words, the savings come to be about 150 dollars a month. This translated into other magnitudes would be equivalent to stop consuming almost 9,400 litres of gasoline, which is to save about 130 barrels of crude oil.

An electric utility like the electric scooters is great for short trips and day to day travelling. So, it’s not at all necessary to use a car that will more concentrate on emptying your pocket. E Scooters are also a lot cheaper than cars to buy. They are amortized over the years for the lower cost per kilometer. And let’s not forget one thing, they can have as much has 15 horsepower, so are also be quite fast and fun to ride.

Other benefits of Using an E-scooter

There are a lot of other benefits of using an electric scooter instead of a car. Let’s check them out!!

They are extremely Echo Friendly!!

Since there’s no use of petrol, these vehicles don’t harm the environment. They emit zero level of harmful gases. In this increasing level of pollution, these vehicles promote environment friendly attribute. Apart from that, the noise level is also much querier than a vehicle. This helps in lowering the sound pollution level as well. So, it’s better to use them instead of car.


These vehicles are quite cost efficient. When you can save your money and contribute in making the earth pollution free, then there’s nothing wrong in replacing your old car with a brand new e-scooter.

They are safer

The speed limit is just perfect with the e-scooters. If compared to conventional cars, they are extremely safe. When you don’t have the option of driving too fast, how could you face an accident?

Hope this post helps!! Get an e-scooter today and say good bye to your car to save a lot of money and protect our planet.

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