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With today’s economy and soaring gas prices, everyone is looking to the scooter as a better option than looking for a more fuel-efficient car, carpooling, arranging their errands, using public transportation and spending all their hard-earned money at the pump.

Europe and Asia have used it as a popular form of transportation for years. Americans have recently discovered this low cost alternative. Sales are flying through the roof. Everybody and their dog is riding in one, and no wonder since these little buggers are simply awesome!

These two-wheeled vehicles are gas efficient and easy on the wallet. Along with being eco-friendly they can be mean on the streets too. The step-through frame is very comfortable to ride. Imagine sitting on a couch with small wheels. Just watch them fly by while most vehicles are stuck at the pump. It’s heart and soul are also discreetly tucked under the seat making it cute as a button!

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Gas Scooters Guide


Gas scooters are fun to ride and are one of the best forms of gas-saving transportation. They can be fast and powerful. They come in all shapes and sizes. Let’s take a closer look.


The smallest and basic gas scooters in the family have a 50cc engine. Since it’s top speed is only of 35 MPH you might not get where you’re going right away, but you would be reducing the risk of an accident. This also allows the scooter to be classified as a bicycle and therefore having no need for licensing or registration in most cases. Simple errands and that trip to the mall may quite well be accomplished by the 50cc motor scooter.

Moving higher up the power ladder is the “real deal” scooter with an engine displacement of more than 50cc up to 150cc. They usually hold speeds of up to 65mph, unless you are flying downhill. Even if you push it to the limit it may not be too comfortable to fulfill your need for speed on the highway. These babies can usually carry two passengers.

If you are looking to travel at high speeds comfortably, scooters with engine displacements above 150cc and up to 250cc are for you. They have awesome acceleration and stability, perfect for the highway. Reaching speeds of 75mph and with a generous weight capacity of 300lbs, we can all indulge in that extra burger.

Engines bigger than 250cc and reaching an unbelievable 650cc are the big papas of gas scooters. They can very well reach speeds of up to 110mph and a weight capacity of 450lbs! It has a raised passenger seat for a better view. Now, not all of us need a windshield, leather seats, radio, air conditioning, or heated handgrips, but these features are available in these models. Or you can always get a pocket bike scooter, wink, wink.

Pros and Cons

There are those pros and cons of ownership that must be addressed. If you see the glass half full like me, that means that we must start with the benefits.


  • Exposed to the elements, if you’re an outdoor lover.
  • Great scooter gas mileage.
  • Lightweight
  • Eco-friendly, a small step in going green.
  • Storage space and rear racks
  • Bag hooks for luggage available.
  • Comfort in travel (i.e. radio, clock, air conditioning, outside temperature gauge)
  • Find great parking spaces, almost anywhere.
  • Virtually eliminate your gas bill.
  • Option to build a gas scooter as a summer project.


  • Exposed to the elements, if you’re not an outdoor lover.
  • Exposed to traffic dangers.
  • No protection other than helmet.
  • Some technical knowledge required (i.e. to assemble or handle gasoline and oil mixture).
  • Need warm up time.
  • Need maintenance almost as often as a car.


All gas scooters need maintenance. Replacing the tires twice a year is the most recommended, maybe even three times depending on rider weight and terrain. The chain and bearings must also be well lubricated at all times. Your air filter must be clean and gasoline and oil mixture should be correct in order for it to work at tip top capacity.

Using all these tips you should be informed enough so as to be an educated consumer.


Vespa Scooters – Classic and Elegant


Vespa scooters can easily mean stylish, personal transportation.

This Italian line of scooters is one of seven companies owned by Piaggio & Co. During World War II, Enrico Piaggio saw the need for a modern and affordable form of transportation.

Original vespa scooters had a design that came from a conflict.

Corradino D’Ascanio was supposed to design a robust and affordable vehicle for Ferninando Innocenti. D’Ascanio’s model didn’t please Innocenti and so he moved on and took it to Enrico Piaggio to produce the spar-framed Vespa in 1946.

Innocenti later produced the more costly Lambretta line of motor scooters.

The first prototype was the “Paperino”, Italian for Donald Duck, but this was not what Piaggio was looking for.

The second prototype was the MP6 and when shown to Piaggio he exclaimed: “Sembra una vespa!“, which means, “It looks like a wasp!”. The name stuck.

In 1947 some 2,500 Vespa motor scooters were sold.

The following year was a dramatic increase with 10,000 sold, 1949 saw 20,000 sold, and 1950 brought over 60,000 sales. Hollywood made the biggest promotional contribution in 1952 when Audrey Hepburn rode a Vespa in the film Roman Holiday. This resulted in over 100,000 Vespas sold.

In 1996, Vespa’s 50 year anniversary, more than 15 million scooters had already been sold worldwide.

Classic and elegant styling has always been characteristic of a Vespa motor scooter. Great gas mileage, limited parking in urban areas, and low running costs have increased it’s popularity.

There are six models in production today. All of which vary in engine power and price.

  • Granturismo 200
  • Vespa GTS 250
  • GTV and LXV Vintage Collection
  • Vespa GT60 Limited Edition
  • Vespa LX
  • Vespa S

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